We took part in the HeliRussia 2017 exhibition.

Май 2017

We took part in the HeliRussia 2017 exhibition. Our stand aroused much interest both among visitors and other exhibitors, including foreign ones.

We were interviewed by the TV channel COUNTRY.

We also talked to the related blogger Ilez Aliyev on his SKY PISTONS channel.

The exhibition showed that the relevance of our work is very high. Domestic manufacturers and government officials confirmed the value of our work. Our stand also attracted attention of the Austrian representative of Airbus, he said that he would send information to his colleagues who are involved in drones production. Also, the owner of the American company Safari Helicopter was very interested in our project, and asked to send him information as soon as we make a prototype, assured that if the characteristics are confirmed, he is ready to buy 100%.

The colleagues from China also were present at the meeting. The general director of the Chinese company, which is engaged in drones research and production, also asked to keep up to date with the aim of acquiring the engine after the tests:

Absolutely all domestic designers of drones for the military expressed their willingness to buy the engine immediately, as soon as it is launched into series, and asked us to hurry up (but there are not funds to invest, stay strong, come on!))))). In the civilian sector, the specialists are waiting for our engine with bated breath.

Thus, we can state the fact that in case we make the engine right now, it would go off like hot cakes, even at the international level.
We also reached certain agreements with companies involved in additive technologies, 3D printing for metal.