When designing a new family of engines, it is important to confirm technologies and structural solutions first on a single cylinder / compartment, this is the most rational way. DDA - 40 is the first prototype technology presenter. The engine also runs on aviation kerosene and diesel fuel, has a high power density at the level of modern gasoline engines, low fuel consumption at the level of modern diesel engines and high reliability. This particular combination of features is critical for the modern aircraft piston engine.

DDA-40M Engine Characteristics

Type four stroke, spark ignition, turbocharged, liquid cooled
Cubic capacity, cm3 400
Number of cylinders (layout) 1 bank cylinder
Stroke-bore ratio 68/86 = 0,79
Compression ratio 9,8
Take-off rated power, kW (h.p.) 29,4 (40) at 5800 min-1
Fuel consumption at take-off power, l / h 9,3
Fuel Jet fuel
(diesel fuel, gasoline, ethanol)
External dimensions including suspended-type units, mm 370х552х580
Base weight*, kg
* including intake and exhaust manifolds, starter, generator, turbocharger, intercooler, oil pump, excluding radiators.

Engine family table

Engineering aspects

A unique fuel system that allows the use of jet fuel as the main type of fuel, with a specific gravity at the level of modern gasoline engines

Duplicated ignition system

Timing drive and engine unit injector through a gear

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