Inline three-cylinder dry-sump engine. Defined second in priority when designing a new family of engines based on DDA-40.

DDA-120M Engine Characteristics

Type four stroke, spark ignition, turbocharged, liquid cooled
Cubic capacity, cm3 1200
Number of cylinders (layout) 3 bank cylinders
Stroke-bore ratio 68/86 = 0,79
Compression ratio 9,8
Take-off rated power, kW (h.p.) 88,3 (120) at 5800 min-1
Fuel consumption at take-off power, l / h 27,9
Fuel Jet fuel
(diesel fuel, gasoline, ethanol)
External dimensions including suspended-type units, mm 590х580х580
Base weight*, kg
* including intake and exhaust manifolds, starter, generator, turbocharger, intercooler, oil pump, excluding radiators.